Craig O'neal, Brothers Landscape Services, Yelp's Best Landscaper in Euless, TX



Brothers Landscape Services champions a promising vision of becoming the go-to provider for superior landscaping services in the North Texas area.

As our name indicates, we are a family-owned and run business offering a holistic range of landscaping services. The core characteristics of our company include a light-hearted, personal approach with a straightforward, value-driven offering. We encourage our clients to practice limitless thinking, allowing them the opportunity to envision their ideal space and then designing swift, efficient solutions to meet their needs.



Authentic Connections with Our Clients: We are invested in nurturing long-term relationships with our valued clients, aiming to provide custom solutions for each job that we do.


Family-Owned and Run: We are proud of and committed to maintaining a family-run enterprise.


Remaining Solutions-driven: We allow our clients the space to dream and then focus on doing everything we can to make it a reality.




If you’re looking for an expert approach to your landscaping requirements, then you’re in the right place. Based in our hometown of Euless, Texas, Brothers Landscape Services was founded with the bold objective to offer a comprehensive range of superior landscaping services at an affordable price. As experts in our field, we have always focused on improving the lives around us by helping our clients achieve and maintain their visions. From full-service lawn care and tree trimming to hardscaping such as patio and walkway installation, retaining walls, pressure washing, and outdoor makeovers, everything we do is geared towards helping you elevate your garden into an outdoor sanctuary. 



Our passion-driven business is owned and run by dedicated brothers, Craig and Jon, and strives to become a household name throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metro areas. After leaving the oil and gas industry to pursue his love for transforming overgrown properties into landscaping masterpieces, Craig founded his own business complete with two team members. At the same time, Jon was beginning to excel in the tree servicing industry, winning multiple awards for his precision and traveling as a freelance expert climber. Upon Jon’s return to the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the brothers decided to join forces in 2020 under the home-grown brand, Brothers Landscape Services. Working hand-in-hand, the team has quickly grown to ten men strong and the brothers enjoy cultivating powerful relationships with their loyal network of clients.



With a focus on prioritizing complete customer satisfaction on every job, ensuring a smile on your face always comes first to our team. Our hands-on and individualized approach means that we offer custom one-on-one consultations with our clients to learn how best to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. We help you bring your ideas to life by offering a dynamic range of services that are tailored to each client’s unique requirements. With over 30 years of experience and top-of-the-line commercial equipment, our services include weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance; eco-friendly Xeriscaping and Zeroscaping; residential, commercial, and tree services; haul-off services to help you declutter your space and, because we treasure the holidays, we also offer Christmas light installation to spread the cheer!



We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results with a philosophy of joy at the heart of everything we do. In addition to making a powerful impact by enhancing your space, our fun-loving, authentic attitude leaves an indelible mark on our clients’ lives. Valuing transparency, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence as foundational pillars of our business, we believe that our work should be equally infused with passion, laughter, and fun. A visit from our team should leave you energized, uplifted, and inspired to make the most of your space. Simply put, the only thing that we take seriously is consistently delivering brilliant results.



We enjoy challenging ourselves to consistently evolve and improve. No matter how big your dream is, we guarantee to exceed your expectations. Our family is ready to take on any job with the level of skill and experience that our clients have come to trust and expect. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a consultation, reach out today and allow us to make your vision our inspiration.