*Removal of fallen branches is not included in our basic service. Fallen branches will be piled in one location off of the turf.

**Brothers Landscape Services Does Not Bag Clippings, all of our equipment uses mulching kits.  This finely cuts the nutrient-rich lawn clippings and pushes them back into the ground. 

***Due to potential damage; Brothers Landscape Services team members are not permitted to trim any grass or weeds growing in cracks of hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete, etc.), in mulch or flower beds, behind a/c units, or around any small rocks. Should you require maintenance around these areas; please contact us for an estimate to provide this service.




  • Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services: During each visit as needed, we will:

    • Remove normal trash and debris from lawn areas.*

    • Pick up toys or items lying on the turf and place them in the appropriate area.

    • Mow lawn areas and Mulch lawn clippings on site**

    • Trim turf areas (around trees, mailboxes, mulch beds, along the fence, etc.)***

    • Edge sidewalk, drive, and curbs.

    • Air-sweep hard surfaces.

      • Before each mowing, trash and debris will be removed. Mowing will be performed every 7-14 days, depending on the growth rate. A turf height between 2 ½ -3 ½ inches will be maintained (1 ½ -2 inches for Bermuda) without removing more than 1/3 of the total leaf blade height. The mowing direction will be alternated each visit, whenever possible, to prevent compaction and enhance your lawn’s appearance. Our equipment is maintained under a regular schedule to ensure excellent working conditions and safety.


  • DESCRIPTION OF ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Please call for cost estimates.

    • Leaf Removal: During the fall season with leaves on the ground, it is more time-consuming for us to perform the above-cited “Basic” services during our visits (and harder on our mowing equipment). When leaves will interfere with mowing, visits will be rescheduled until after leaves are removed. Leaf removal options are by:

      • Brothers Landscape Services: Should you choose this additional service option, the price of leaf removal is $65 per man-hour. Since the volume of leaf fall can not be estimated in advance, a price for removal cannot be quoted before the service date. If requested, we will call with a quote at the time of service. Please note this does not include Additional Services described as “Spring and Fall Cleanups”.

      • Owner/Resident or Third Party: Should you choose to remove the leaves yourself or by a third party, please call us to coordinate your fall mowing schedule. If you desire Brothers Landscape Services to mow your lawn while leaves are on the turf, we may charge a leaf removal fee (depending on the volume of leaves), at the above-quoted rate.

    • Shrub Trimming: Twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall), we will trim and shape shrubs under 8 feet tall, removing not more than 6 inches from new/existing growth.

    • Mulching: Twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall), we will mulch existing mulch beds, using dark double-shredded, hardwood mulch. Mulch will be laid at a thickness of 1-3 inches. Existing mulch beds will be prepared by removing trash, debris, leaves, weeds, and redefining the perimeter with a garden spade. Creating new mulch beds or using different varieties of mulch may be available for an additional cost.

    • Aeration and Over-seeding: Once per year during the fall season we will provide core aeration and seeding. Aeration relieves soil compaction and increases the availability of air, water, and nutrients. Also, aeration minimizes thatch buildup. Over-seeding (at rates recommended by the manufacturer) with our custom blend of certified seeds will help establish a thick, healthy lawn.

    • Spring and Fall Cleanups: A cleanup crew will remove leaves, branches, and other debris from existing mulched beds, other non-mulched plantings, and flowerbeds, shrubs, ground-cover. This service will be performed at the beginning of the spring, and end of the fall season. Leaves will be composted on-site or hauled off if requested by the owner. Please call us for a free estimate for your spring and fall cleanups.

    • Tree Services: Brothers Landscape Services provides  Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, and Tree Removal Services. 

      • Ensure someone is on sight during your service appointment to eliminate any communication issues. We only cut off what our clients want and nothing they don't.  We can't put the limbs back on the tree so we are cautious when trimming a client's property.  The client will sign the Certificate Of Completion once they are happy with the services rendered.  Any call back to the property after the Tree Team has left will incur a minimum $250 call back charge. 

      • ​Tree Removal Services does not include stump grinding this service is billed separately. ​

      • Crepe Myrtles- Brothers Landscape Services Tree Team are trained and educated on the proper techniques and timing of trimming Crepe Myrtles.  Brothers Landscape Services does not condone Crepe Murder.   

Other Important Information:

  • Appointment Time: Time is tentative, you will receive a text when your crew is starting the yard before yours on the route, as the arrival time will vary from week to week based on many factors such as the size of lawns, how many are on the route that day, weather, traffic, stopping for gas, equipment maintenance, etc.

  • Locked Gates: Please unlock gates so that we can have complete access to all serviced areas. We recommend combination locks so that we can get into the backyard at no inconvenience to you. A rescheduling fee of $20.00 will be assessed for any home requested to serve a previously locked area. 

  • Pets: Please pick up all pet waste before the scheduled day of service. Please have pets properly secured on the scheduled service day. If your pet is not properly secured, we will not be held responsible if they escape. If there is ever excessive pet waste in the yard, we will give you a heads up and let you know. If it occurs a second time, you will be charged an additional fee of $25.00 for equipment cleaning, maintenance, and extended labor, as pet waste substantially increases the risk of cross-contamination of harmful parasites and organisms into our other client's properties!

  • Items in the Yard: We ask all customers to please pick up all small items such as toys, hoses, and other items in the yard before our technicians arrive each week. Brothers Landscape Services is not responsible for damage to exposed sprinkler lines, other lines, cable, dog fence lines, and other items. Large items such as lawn furniture and trampolines will be moved and mowed under. Brothers Landscape Services is not responsible for broken items or any injuries that result from the use of these items after they have been moved by our technicians.

  • Watering: Please do not water your lawn on your service day. Wet grass can cause clumping and streaking.

  • Weather Delay: If we are unable to service your property due to inclement weather, we will notify you via email of your next scheduled date.

  •  Holidays: On weeks when a national holiday falls on a regular lawn service day, we will adjust the rest of the week’s schedule by one day so that we will service all remaining lawns the day after their scheduled day, using Saturday for Friday clients, etc.

  • Cancellation or rescheduling services: We take the guesswork out of when your home is going to be serviced. We send a friendly reminder 48 hrs before your home is taken care of. A 48 hr notice is to be submitted via email of any cancellation of services. If cancellation is not received in the required time frame a $15.00 fee will be assessed. 

  • Payment for lawn services: We only accept credit cards/debit cards/pay-pal for lawn services with a card on file.  If the client has is part of our lawn service maintenance packages the card on file will be charged on the first of each month for services rendered the previous month.  If clients request a one-time mow payment must be received before services are rendered. 

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: All Brothers Landscape Services clients are guaranteed satisfaction with their lawn care service. If you ever feel that your lawn service is not satisfactory, please contact us at 650-727-0037 by 5 pm the day of your mowing and we will come back and fix the problem at no additional charge the following day. If you are still not satisfied Brothers Landscape Services will pay another contractor of your choosing to fix the issue. 

  • Contacting Us: Please contact us at the office at 650-727-0037  or through our contact page on our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.